Welcome to Straw Bale Planting!

Let's get digging!



Straw Bale planting is easy! 
FUN and GREAT for beginners

Great for someone disabled or with limited  mobility

Overcomes poor soil

Good for small spaces /  patios / decks

Environmentally friendly - you can compost your straw bales at the end of the season!

Easy to garden organically!

Generates interest / neighbors/conversations

Can grow veggies and flowers


Potential challenges

 Can be water intensive

Takes time to "season" the bales



Before Beginning: 

Be sure you use straw not HAY.  Hay will sprout too many weeds. 

*   Reinforce your bales with extra twine or I place a stake at each end.  The bailing twine can decompose over time. 

*   Start your bales several weeks ahead of when you wish to plant them.  (minimum 10-14 days) Decomposition is an exothermic process, this means that substantial heat is released as the fresh straw is broken down. This can damage seed or seedlings placed directly into a fresh bale that has not "seasoned". 

*   Consider carefully placement, and position of the sun.  You will not be able to move them after they are watered and growing.   Full sun is best for veggies. *   Plan to put your taller items behind shorter ones in relationship to the sun
*   Ok to use seeds or already established market plants.

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